Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why Brown Rice Protein Powders are Great for Vegan Bodybuilding

Veganism is steadily becoming a mainstream lifestyle. More and more restaurants are offering vegan options, more vegan-centric eateries are opening and thriving, and more communities are being exposed to and accepting the vegan way. But, one particular community may surprise you: the bodybuilding community.

Vegan bodybuilders often see themselves as the rebels of the group -- staying committed to a healthy way of life in a community where steroid abuse is rampant. Vegan bodybuilders are vastly outnumbered by their meat eating peers but they are a growing minority in the community.

But, simply because it is a relatively new trend in the sport, vegan bodybuilders generally have less support and resources. And of course they face the challenges that all vegans face -- in particular, staying vegan while maintaining the lifestyles they want.

An important part of bodybulding is protein powders. Protein powders help build muscle mass which in turn makes it easier to burn calories. Its an essential part of getting the body looking and feeling the way they want it to. But the majority of protein powders out there are made from whey and casein (which come from cow milk) and egg.

So, obviously, vegan bodybuilders can't use them. Which is where brown rice protein powders come in. These too, have been met with skepticism, as raw brown rice does not naturally have a high concentration of protein (a 100 grams of raw brown rice has just eight grams of protein). But, the technique of turning raw brown rice into vegan protein powders manipulates the protein and amino acid levels of the brown rice. This chemical-free technique uses enzymes to concentrate the protein to over 80%. Which is exactly what vegan bodybuilders need.

Vegans continue to prove that they can not only survive but thrive in unexpected places.

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